"It's all too rare in the art world to find an artist with both a great aesthetic
and an accomplished technique.

Mostly, either subject matter or technical ability eclipse one another, sometimes
by a wide margin.

To find a practitioner whose masterly technique evokes such a clear and
immediate response from the viewer is all too uncommon.

Rikki's work gives one pause. It is that rarest of places where beauty and
precision meet "

David Corazza 
The Channon Galley, NSW

Absolutely adore this!
Best art I have seen in a long time!

Sharyn Wingrave

Congratulations!! I love this piece!! The award is very much deserved.

Diana Lee
Master, International Scratchboard Society of Scratchboard
California USA

"I just spent the last hour going over Rikki's work. I am in awe of what I saw.... For me it's a divine experience similar to watching a starry night sky - the beauty of the scenery is captivating but the thaumaturgy (the working of miracles) leaves me wondering "what am I?"
Andre Othenin-Girard
NSW Australia
"We are sitting here in awe of your work. My 16 year old daughter is just in awe of you and you inspire her. At school they have a session of sharing about someone who inspires them and she has named you as that person. Awesome work Rikki".

Amanda Moskalewicz 


Holy Night

In response to 'My Protector': artwork by Rikki Fisher
Caged in biblical myths, a zoo monkey rocks her young.
She wraps the child in silence, eyes resigned to what might come.
He's the Chosen One, facing the world and its sorrows.
Scratching at the tip of an answer.
Little monkey, can you save us? What will be your Calvary?
Wired to a rocket, shot to a star? Locked in a wise man's lab?
Shepherded into a circus ring? Jailed so we can gape at our transgressions?
Just for this moment you're safe, clutching the Madonna
holy night
angels bandage
the future

by Hazel Hall

Presence 59, 2017, p.51.

(Presence is a UK Poetry Journal)